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Bender, JB and Ned  from Team CUNNINGSTUNTS went over to Mallala Raceway in South Australia for the 2006 Cafe Racer Club Championships on December 15th 2006. Paul Barker not only got the bikes there but was able to get us PRIME position at the pit gates for our setup... also happened to be right next to the Tyre Changing Bloke...How convenient!

Bender broke his hand on the Friday afternoon before the show and managed to miss his flight over, but he showed up Saturday morning with a packet of pain killers ready to put on a show. Bender, JB and Ned spent the show dragging the 12 bars, rolling endos, riding out long Seat Standers and showing the crowd how you REALLY pull a wheelie...

Huge thanks to Paul Barker from PB Racing, Greeny, Twatty, Mel and everyone else who gave us a MASSIVE hand on the weekend and a place to stay, we would have been stuffed with out you guys.

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