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Motorshow Action NQ Show

On the 26th and 27th of June Mareeba QLD hosted the first Motorshow Action NQ show.This exciting new format had not just the usual static displays but also provided spectators with action on the spectacular Makotrac international raceway. Vintage cars and bikes, street machines, high tech imports, drag cars, World War II aerobatic displays and of course the boys from Team Cunningstunts!

JB and Ned were lucky enough to make the 2500 km trip and provided shows for both days. These great photos were taken By Terri Terrant, her partner provided thrills in the motard demos - onboard footage can be seen at

Many thanks need to go out to Event co-ordinators Pedro Martinho and Horst Kipper, Tobia Kipper for letting Ned And JB loose in his 160kph racing gokart!!!!!!!! And the great guys and girls from the FNQ Road Racing Club for their help over the weekend.

More awesome pics can be seen thanks to Focus Imagery at





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