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The South Coast Nationals is a major event held in Moruya NSW, attracting over 300 entrance vehicles and thousands of spectators from across Australia. This unique event offers entrants and spectators a safe, secure, and fun weekend. With amusements for the kids and millions of dollars worth of Cars, Bikes and Trucks on show the whole family can enjoy this exciting event. See a variety of vehicles including the high powered Street Machines, Hot Rods, Vintage and Classic Cars, Custom Cars and Bikes and enjoy events such as the Street Cruise, Show n Shine, Car Audio Sound-Off, Burn Outs and much more.

Canberra Motorcycle Centre and GoBike being one of the Major Sponsors for the event had a Trade Stand setup and were providing the motorcycle entertainment for the crowd, so they called up Canberra’s local StuntRider Bender from Team CUNNINGSTUNTS, to see the guys were keen to perform at the show.

As usual, Team CUNNINGSTUNTS were excited to perform live, so Bender, Ned and newcomer JB trekked down with a few spare tyres while MikeRock and J-Rad took on the camera's to have a bit of fun and show the locals what stunting is all about.

There were a few choppers on display in the show ‘n’ shine and Freestyle Motocross Display performing along with the CUNNINGSTUNTS Riders. JB Took out the Bike Burnout Competition and Bender won the bike Go to Whoa. With six show popping performances Team CUNNINGSTUNTS managed to destroy 14+ tyres over the weekend, not bad for about and hours total riding time.


Thanks to Jarrad Houghton (J-Rad) for the photos below:
Special Thanks To:

Canberra Motorcycle Centre

Daniel, Jarrad and Glenn for their support over the weekend.




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