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Name: Justin Blogg
D.O.B: 14 June 1982
Home Town: Sydney
Currently Lives: Sydney
Bikes: 2006 Honda CBR600RR
Previous bikes: 2x Suzuki 2003 GSX-R 600
RGV 250
Years Riding: Approx 6yrs
Favourite Stunt/Trick: I would have to say stoppies
Best Stunting Moment:

Whenever I'm riding with all my closest mates feeding off each other and pushing to try new things.

Worst Stunting Moment: Don't have one. Sometimes you have an off day, so you go home and try again the next day.
Favourite International Rider: There are so many stunters out there now with unbelievable talent. I have respect for anyone who gets out there and gives it a go.
Thanks To: BlackMarket Films
All the boys from Team CunningStunts,
All my friends and family who have helped and supported me with my stunting and stuck by me.
My brother Mike Rock for coming out and filming me all the time.
ig thanks to Trent at MCA

and finally Eastern Creek Motorcycle Wreckers


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